Sunday, April 01, 2007

Technology and the Real World


ICANN has rejected, yet again, the .xxx domain suffix.

The proposal was, basically this: Any website that carried adult oriented content, would be given the .xxx suffix. Adult oriented businesses complained, saying that it was a free speech issue, but more realistically because they were going to have to fork over another 10 bucks a year for yet another domain name.

Because, let's face it. All it would have really accomplished is to give the internet to go along with, .net, .org., .us, .ch., .insert the country of your choice here.

The Southern Moonshiners Union objected because they figured .xxx should belong to them (now there's an old visual reference.) Of course they are also upset with So. Methodist Univ. for marketing all those SMU sweatshirts.

Which brings us, naturally to the old joke about the mating call of the SMU co-ed.....

Ok, I'm just wandering aimlessly around in my head now.


Dezdmona said...

Nah...they didn't want the .xxx domain because then people would KNOW that they were going to porn sites rather than getting there by misspelling, or transposing letters in common children's web destinations.

Williebee said...

Dez-- OH, you use that excuse, too?