Saturday, April 02, 2005

Mad Cow Steakhouse

I have this t-shirt that reads "Mad Cow Steakhouse--- We're crazy about the beef." I can't tell you where I got it. It's not that I'm secretive. I just don't remember. It's probably available online somewhere. (I mean, awhile back there was some lady selling tumbleweeds worldwide on e-bay.) Anyway....

I wear the t-shirt now and then and, seems everytime I do, somebody reads the shirt and says,
"Hey, where's that place?"

I've gotten to where I tell them that it's a chain in Texas, in Amarillo and Lubbock, that Oprah owns. I don't really expect them to get the joke. I just have this little vision that somewhere down the line they will be travelling through Amarillo or Lubbock and ask some big, burly, local guy "Hey, where's that restaurant that Oprah owns? You know, the Mad Cow place....?"

.... add a little trouble, stir in a pinch of irony, wait the for the pot to boil.....