Thursday, January 31, 2008

What good's my card, then?


The Republican Debate this week was interesting, if only for the backdrop. Did you know that Ronald Reagan's Presidential Library has a plane in it?

Turns out, yeah. President Reagan had Air Force One completely remodeled while he was in office, and then took it home with him. Now it's on display at his library.

They wouldn't let me check it out, though.

But turning in the inter-library loan request was fun.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lost in the Fifties tonight...

Technology today continues to scream along at light speed, bouncing through one prism after another, each new beam racing away to find a prism of it's own to multiply and fracture itself through.

I was trying to find an example of just how far and how fast personal computing technology has evolved and came across this:

It's from Weezer's "Buddy Holly" video.

(Yeah, I could have embedded it here in the blog, but the posting on You Tube said that the posting, by Universal Media Group, was "embedding was disabled by request." I figured the least we could do was honor that.)

Not quite 15 years ago, this video shipped with Microsoft's Windows 95.

A video that intentionally evoked the fifties, that came with an operating system that now feels like it came from the fifties. I wonder if anybody at Microsoft realized just how many ways this video would "date" the operating system?

And, now that I've given some of you the itch? You can watch the video on You Tube, here.

Go ahead, I won't tell.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jonny Man & the Sand People

Some times dreams just offer a peek at the story waiting around the bend...

“There’s no truth to the rumors that Rounder Jon escaped from the clutches of the Sand People,” I said loudly. I’d been listening to the three men at the bar argue and debate the stories and rumors that surrounded the old tide runner for over an hour.

“What was that?” The youngest and loudest of them assaulted me with his question. Bad enough that a simple bartender would put himself into the middle of their important business. But, to dismiss the whole purpose of their conversation?

“What would you know about it.. friend?” He demanded.

“I said, There’s no truth to it. The Jonny Man never escaped from the Sand People.” I turned my attention to ragging off a bit of spilled beer farther down the bar. “I should know," I said. "I was there, and saw the whole thing.”

I worked my rag in a circle across the dark red grain of the old wood surface. It didn’t take long. The three of them rearranged themselves into new positions, coming to rest in front of me.

The gent I judged to be the elder statesman of the group was in the center now. He looked side to side, at his companions, and then his gaze settled on mine.

Not taking my eyes from his, I listened to the soft thump and subtle ring of a gold piece as it was pinned between the wood and his meaty palm.

“Another round for the three of us, and one for yourself, if you’re a’mind,” he said. I could see a faint spark of humor in his eyes.

“And, you can keep the change if you’ll tell us your tale.”

A Tale of Rounder Jon... (with no idea where it's going next.)

I'll let you know when it takes me somewhere.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Willie and Frank --


Join me in some light reading?

EldonHughes has a new story running over at
I Found A Knife:

Willie & Frank -- Shakespeare and Chemistry.

I also spent part of the week going back to the old school; Raymond Chandler's "The Big Sleep". It's one of Time's all time 100 Novels, written in 1939.

Are you into Film Noir? Open this book, pick any paragraph and read aloud.

"I was neat, clean, shaved and sober, and I didn't care who knew it. I was everything the well-dressed private detective ought to be."

Classic stuff.


Elsewhere -- Ever wonder what happens when you google "Google"?

Besides another tiny rip in the Space Time Continuum I mean? (Click on the link if you really want to. It just makes my head hurt.)

Well today I tried it, and got a story on Microsoft. How the crap does that happen?

Oh yeah... that tiny rip thingy....

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jesus wished me a Merry Christmas


Some of the local churches (some, not all are invited...) did a light show in the park again this year. Some of the displays included live animals and people.

They depict the scene at the inn, (Joseph and Mary outside the inn. Mary is riding a donkey. A friend of mine provides some of the animals. I think he does it just so he can drive by this scene and say, "Hey you. Get off my ass.")

There's also the manger scene, then they skip right past the crucifixion and then there is a scene at the cave, with the stone rolled back and a young man wearing a fake beard and moustache, waving to the people driving by. We waved back and Jesus wished me a Merry Christmas. I yelled back Happy Birthday. He yelled back, "It was last month, but thanks!"

Hope you all had a cool yule. Let's make it a great new year, eh?