Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jesus wished me a Merry Christmas


Some of the local churches (some, not all are invited...) did a light show in the park again this year. Some of the displays included live animals and people.

They depict the scene at the inn, (Joseph and Mary outside the inn. Mary is riding a donkey. A friend of mine provides some of the animals. I think he does it just so he can drive by this scene and say, "Hey you. Get off my ass.")

There's also the manger scene, then they skip right past the crucifixion and then there is a scene at the cave, with the stone rolled back and a young man wearing a fake beard and moustache, waving to the people driving by. We waved back and Jesus wished me a Merry Christmas. I yelled back Happy Birthday. He yelled back, "It was last month, but thanks!"

Hope you all had a cool yule. Let's make it a great new year, eh?

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