Monday, December 10, 2007

Making the List. Checking it Twice. Yup. Still there.

Jen, who is most definitely a Chic Chick has chucked the mouse my way,
so here we go...

The AW December Blog chain is almost halfway gone, as is the month of December,
("Christmas times a'comin', Christmas times a'comin'!")

I wanted to take the topic back to the top, with lists.

But only because I wanted to pass on something that happened this last weekend.

I was reading Christmas stories to kids over at the local library Saturday morning. As part of the session, I asked kids, while their parents could stand in the background and hear what was mentioned, just what was on their christmas lists this year.

You have to understand, here in the sticks the kids don't really see the jolly old fellow in advance. In a town where everyone knows everyone else, it doesn't work out so well. As one little girl whispered to me, so that her little sister couldn't hear, "That guy we saw wasn't the real Santa. He's the janitor at my school."

So, we discussed Christmas wish lists. There were the usual, Ipods, video games, dolls, bikes and such. And then one little girl said she wanted a remote control butterfly.

What a unique toy request, I said. Meanwhile my brain is cycling. Toys R Us? nope. K B Toys? nope. Best Buy? Penneys? Lowes? Sears- In the Craftsman aisle? Nope.

All the while I'm looking over the girl's shoulder at Mom, who is looking at the ceiling, shaking her head. I guess this wasn't a recent addition to the child's list.

The little girl's brother poked her in the arm and demanded, "I've never heard of a remote control butterfly. Do you even know what one looks like?"

She looked back at him, defiant. "Santa knows what they look like."

"Wow, no pressure there, Mom," I'm thinking to myself.

Which brings me to tonight. I just Googled "remote control butterfly" and came up with a list of them, for sale, at "adult novelty stores."

Maybe I misread Mom's expression.

How's this for a transition? Twisted Fantasies is next on the list.


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DementedM said...

Oh Gawd. That must've been mortifying for mom assuming her daughter hadn't innocently come up with it on her own.


VirtualWordsmith said...

The only other thing I can come up with regarding a remote control butterfly is...

maybe a Pokemon toy? (That sounds exponentially obscene, now doesn't it?)

Dawn said...

ROFLMAO!!! Radio Shack sells those remote control Dragonflies now, which is what I originally thought the little girl meant.

Right before the punch line, I realized where I had heard that product name before... and I said to myself, "No way, can't be!"

Wow. Kids these days.

Ello said...

That's hysterical! Oh the things kids will blurt out to the utter mortification of their parents!

Anonymous said...

OK.. That is just hysterical! Really.. kids overhear EVERYTHING in a household. I always find it amazing that I can call my children 4 times for dinner and they don't hear me once... but if I am whispering to my husband on the other side of the house they pick up every word I say.

And you just never know when what you say will come back to bite you in the rear. LOL. Thanks for the post.. that was GREAT.

Kate Boddie said...

Ha! Thank god they didn't hear about the rubber duckie!

CruiserMel said...

Hmmmm.....remote butterfly. Remote. Like someone could use that on someone as they're pulling into the driveway?

Gillian said...

I am not going to check this one out. My vision of a remote control butterfly is about the same as that little girl's. Except it's so tempting... I might have to pretend that the search engines are all on holiday tonight.