Friday, September 21, 2007

Did Mattel fold before China?

Check this out. Read a few paragraphs in.

Go find a few more stories on this. Check out the news stories on it.

Did Mattel just fold and put their manufacturer ahead of their customers?

Am I wrong on this? (hey, it's happened before....)

But if I'm right, Mattel's not getting another dime from me. It isn't just the patriotism issue, it's the practicality... the safety.

If they, as the customer, are willing to subjugate themselves to their vendor on this issue (and apparently pay them for the privilege) , what safety problems are they willing to pass on to their customers (us) next?

I don't want my family and friend's kids serving as their test lab, and I'm sure not willing to pay them for it.

Rant over. I will now go put my lead based paint covered soapbox away....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

my brother's cousin's barber's carwasher told me....

When it comes to news in print (digital or old school) I tend to read the top three paragraphs or so of ongoing stories, and the last couple paragraphs of new ones.

With old or ongoing stories there's rarely anything new after the first few 'graphs. So, you can stay up to date just by reading the first couple paragraphs. The rest is regurgitated words from past stories, used to fill the space.

With new stories, talkradio, and TV have already given you the "fresh meat" of the story, as quickly and as many times an hour as they could. (And, some times, as accurately as they felt they could get away with.) So, when it comes to the print story, the fun stuff is the oddball things they have to come up with to fill the space.

This is pulled from this morning's USATODAY. Anybody who cares already knows the current High School Musical picture scandal story. You don't need to read that over again here. But this was filing space near the bottom:

"Michael Sands, a publicist whose clients have included the divorce attorney for Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline, said Hudgens should be commended for coming forward quickly and saying it was her pictures."

So, they felt that it was worth noting what Britney's EX husband's EX publicist thought.

Makes me wonder if Mr. Sands has a publicist of his own.

"Ooh, ooh. Tell them I said this!!!"