Friday, September 21, 2007

Did Mattel fold before China?

Check this out. Read a few paragraphs in.

Go find a few more stories on this. Check out the news stories on it.

Did Mattel just fold and put their manufacturer ahead of their customers?

Am I wrong on this? (hey, it's happened before....)

But if I'm right, Mattel's not getting another dime from me. It isn't just the patriotism issue, it's the practicality... the safety.

If they, as the customer, are willing to subjugate themselves to their vendor on this issue (and apparently pay them for the privilege) , what safety problems are they willing to pass on to their customers (us) next?

I don't want my family and friend's kids serving as their test lab, and I'm sure not willing to pay them for it.

Rant over. I will now go put my lead based paint covered soapbox away....


Virginia Lee said...

You know, I remember reading about this, Willie, and I had similar thoughts. I feel Mattel may well have dropped the ball in re: this matter. It makes me glad I don't buy toys for young children.

Virginia Lee said...

*poke* So I come looking in here today and find there ain't nothing new. I hope you and yours are all well, hon. *poke*

DementedM said...

I work with China a lot and do chemical manufacturing over there and I think the apology was prompted by several things. 1) companies are ultimately liable for their product and the quality of third party vendors, thus Mattel was acknowledging their responsibility 2) Some of the recalls were for design issues and not China's fault 3)But the lead recalls, though, were due to Chinese cost-cutting. 4.I think China was getting angry about the China bashing and Mattel needed to make nice to preserve commercial and foreign relations. The apology read like a total saving face thing to me.

There's a really good article in the June Harvard Business Review about China, manufacturing, and pollution. In short, China is a mess. A big mess. They are in the throes of an Industrial Revolution and how neatly did we handle ours? Also, Mattel is actually a leader in environmental initiatives in China so it's not so black and white.

But having worked with the Chinese, I do advocate third party testing of certain consumer goods. I have seen the Chinese over and over again tell us what we want to hear and then they just go do whatever the heck they want when we're not looking. Very much an ask forgiveness not permission mentality.


Williebee said...

Mattel is an environmental leader in China?

Good to know, thanks