Saturday, October 07, 2006

Music in the dark...

So, I have to take a second and set the stage here:

I'm at a small bar listening to one of the local old timers play guitar. That doesn't really do him justice, because the guy is phenomenal on pretty much anything with strings.

It's late, the band is done, and there are a half dozen of us sitting around listening to this guy play some jazz. He's been playing for about 20 minutes, moving without stopping from one improvised melody to the next. This soft, moving stuff is just rolling out from under his fingertips. We sit and sip our drinks and the whole night is becoming this mellow form of "just right" while he plays.

Then the lady sitting next to me leans over and starts talking. "It's so beautiful. So serene. It's like a tampon commercial."

umm.... ok.

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