Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's been a long time since a' rockandroll....

Hadn't realized how much time had passed.

November was tied up with novel writing. I finished. YAY!!

December was tied up with being... December.

Did manage to write a short piece (500 words) for the monthly writer's challenge. You can pull down a .pdf of it here.

And now, Christmastime is here.

I remember a time when Christmas meant a jolly fat man was going to come down the chimney and bring me presents.

And, I remember a time when I was the jolly fat man, for my little girl. Just for the record? We used the stairs.

And this year is the first year where our little girl is not only not so little, she's not home. She's stuck in a far away land being an adult in her own right. They didn't tell us about that in the Christmas songs.

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