Friday, July 20, 2007

Writing news and an Elvis "Sighting"

Last week "Elvis" appeared at the local VFW.
It was big news in town. The local Walgreens was having a sale on cheesy "E" memorabilia. (What I want to see? A mashup of Elvis and Python memorabilia. Stuff like the "I'm not dead yet." t-shirt would take on a whole different meaning. OR! "I'm not dead yet." on the front, and on the back: "And I am NOT working at your K-Mart!"

Anyway, DB is checking out at the pharmacy/store and asks about all the knock off Elvis stuff. The nice lady behind the counter said she didn't know why they were selling it. Then she said,
"Did you hear that Elvis is playing at the V?"

And then she leaned in close and whispered, "It's not the real one. It's an impersonator!"


Work is coming along on the next book "That Dead Guy of Mine #2".
The next online story should start soon. (I have got to re-discipline myself.)
First book: Jazz and the Monkey Man is being pitched everywhere I can find. Currently two fulls, a partial, and a pitch out there. Keep your fingers crossed! (I can't, gotta write.)

Thanks, all!


CruiserMel said...

Ah, but it WAS the real Elvis! He lives in one of my spare rooms and left last week on tour. I didn't realize the VFW was on said tour, though, or I would've asked DB for a backstage pass.

Williebee said...

C-Mel -- I give you a backstage pass at the V? You'll be standing outside.

Virginia Lee said...

In the early '90s while working at the Memphis Zoo's dinosaur exhibit there was an August day when about 30 Elvises came through. None wore a Vegas jumsuit, but most had the prerequisite sunglasses and shiny black-dyed pompadour hair. It was Dead Elvis Week, you see, and there was a huge international Elvis tribute artist contest. Ah, that's why I'm typing. They prefer to be called tribute artists.

And really, it's okay to laugh...

Virginia Lee said...

Oops. That should be jumPsuit. I'm so embarrassed...