Monday, April 03, 2006

Livin La Vida Laundry

The days are too short. The nights are too long.
And I'm living my life through my socks.

It's that time of year when chores seem to pile up, at work and at home. There's more sunlight and "too cold" is no longer available as an excuse to not work on the house.

Something happens to my brain during time changes and I don't sleep much. And when I do the dreams are .... odd.

Maybe that explains why I'm watching my socks dance the night away.

They gather together and dance in the dryer. They roll and tumble, cozy and warm.

It's not so bad when they are in the washer. You can't see them. And I only use cold water, so they don't get to enjoy the "hot tub" effect.

But in the dryer they are partying with all the other clothes, and I'm sitting here watching them.

I think I need another beer.

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