Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Tin Woodman?

Down the block from me the city recently put up a piece of art. Here's a picture of it.

Depending upon what angle you view it from it is a metal command, Georgia Pearson's initials, or a diagram of the I-64 / I-70 traffic snarl near the new stadium in St. Louis. Or maybe its Paul Bunyon's "Quit Smoking" fidget toy.

Now, I'm all about art in the city. Beats the heck out of empty lots and abandoned buildings.

At the foot of the flag is a plaque telling visitors that this is a memorial in memory of the "heroes and victims who died in the war on terrorism". Again, an admirable civic effort.

But, there is something curious here. The plaque reads that the memorial is sponsored by the Woodmen of the World.

So here's my question. Shouldn't a memorial sponsored by a group called the Woodmen of the World have some wood somewhere around it? Maybe an actual tree, or something that looks like one?

Last week they trenched alongside the road around the sculpture. Looked like maybe they were going to put in shrubs or a flower bed. Well, that's more like it... right?

Nope. Sidewalk. Dig up and dump grass and bushes into a dump truck in order to put down more cement for a Woodmen's memorial........

Ummmm.... ok.

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Boobs Radley said...

looks like the "worm" game i had on my TI-86.