Thursday, May 31, 2007


So a friend gave DB (Darling Bride) an i-Dog the other day. If you haven't seen one, it shakes its head and lights up and the ears move.. in time with the music it hears. Apparently you can hit a button and reset it's personality.
(Way ahead of you: Right now I have a dozen science fiction fans and scientists locked in a small room until they figure out how to do this Robert Tilton.)

After you reset it you have to make it listen to the music of your choice for half an hour so that it can develop its new personality.

DB set it up on the coffee table with one of the Music Channels playing on the TV. But a storm was rolling through and the signal kept "hiccupping".

Bottom Line: Her i-Dog has a twitch. It's so sad.


CruiserMel said...

Oh I want one of those things so bad! So bad! That's the cutest thing - like, ever. And it just made me talk like a cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that your great-grandfather, (Willie Poe), worked for the SPCA in Houston? Yes, it is so sad.

Williebee said...

C-Mel - Yeah, they actually are.

If you go here:
They have penquins too!

A- Umm I had a great-granddad named Willie... huh.. I thought I took the name from the monkey in Atlanta.