Friday, June 01, 2007

Blindly onward unto the web

Every now and then you have to jump with full keyboard into something you've never done before.

So, I agreed to participate in the current Blogchain, #9. The idea, as I understand it is, one person posts on their blog, then each person in turn creates a post that has something to do with the previous poster's post. Also, pre-post and post-post you are supposed read the posts and add, er post, a comment. Got it? Nah, me either.

Virginia Lee is starting us off tomorrow. If you want to see how it works, (I know I do) you can follow along below.
Participating Blogs -
hunt & peck -
Life, Writing, and Other Things - -
Virginia Lee: I Ain't Dead Yet! -
Food History -
A View From the Waterfront -
Organized Chaos -
Williebee -
The Road Less Traveled -

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