Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ironically enough, the Circle of Life does not belong at the dinner table.

Been watching Planet Earth?

Not a lot of TV gets watched around our house, but this we've made time for. Beautiful images, some interesting information. And lots of things eating other things.

It's as if something eating something else is scripted into the schedule. (OK, coming up on four minutes with the pretty seals, Cue tape two, bring on the sharks.)

So much so that, the catch phrase for the show at my house has become:

"Hey, that's a cute little fella. What's gonna eat it?"


The Party at Coye's said...

hey unlce butch,yeah i have watched it its great.. Summer loves it.. thats a show we watch around this house we are gonna buy the set for summer! love ya and miss ya! oh whats goin on with grandma coyes blog? no one ever writes anything anymore im writing you from it
love you

Dezdmona said...

I have sooo wanted to watch that, but have been swamped with a school play, Karate, (LOST), and some traveling to induldge my Buffett addiction, soooo...maybe I'll catch it on DVD or re-runs.