Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What happens on the Internet....

--Soapbox alert--

What happens in Vegas only stays in Vegas if you were the only one there when it happened, but what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet... maybe forever.

Don't believe me? Google Vanessa Williams and Playboy. Or, e-mail Alec Baldwin in a couple months... or years.

Or, visit the Wayback Machine (Why, that's keen Mr. Peabody!)

Now, to hammer it home one more time. Take 75 seconds and watch this

Maybe show it to every teenager and "joe internet user" who hasn't seen it yet.

--soapbox put away now, thanks. --


Dezdmona said...

At least what happens at a Buffett tailgate stays at a Buffett tailgate....

...OMG...or does it?

Maybe I can find some lost hours on the net.

CruiserMel said...

Well, thanks for that little slap in the face. I'm sure someone's put my head on Pam Anderson's body for the world to see. Gee, thanks.

Williebee said...

Dez - HAHAHAHAHA Go to google. Click on images. Enter Buffett and Tailgate, and click ENTER. If you find yourself, send us a link. If you're less than sober, less than clothed, or less than conscious? ok, you can send it in a private message. I promise not to share it with anyone except CruiserMel :)

Mel - Na, but I saw her head on your body once. Man, she looked HOT! And that bitchin elbow scar!?!