Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Balance and the art of making time

I've volunteered to be a part of the AW February Blog Chain. The subject is "Balance".

My turn is coming up in a few, in the meantime, Make some time for a word or two from these nice folks?

The Unfocused Life

Auria Cortes

Spontaneous Derivation

Organized Chaos

The Writer's Round-About



Even in a Little Thing

Spittin' (out words) Like a Llama

A Thoughtful Life

Life in Scribbletown

My Path to Publication

For the First Time

Green Diva

Polenth's Quill


Harriet said...

My post in the balance blog chain is now up and I believe that you're next. Have fun!

Unfocused Me said...

And don't forget about Green Diva and
Polenth’s Quill at the end of the chain!

Williebee said...

What the?

Where the heck did they go?


Williebee said...


Fixed. Had a pixel issue.

(Pixels, Pixies... either way your keyboard winds up sticky.)