Thursday, February 14, 2008

Balance in the face of a Saint


OK, granted. You can't blame St. Valentine, or even Cupid. We (meaning people) did it to ourselves. Pick a store, any store. It's been there since before New Year's Eve. You know what I mean. The Valentine's chocolate aisle.

Flowers die. Diamonds carry a guilt all their own. Chocolate? Goes with every outfit. Every outfit but that pesky swimsuit, right? So, how to keep the weight plan in balance in the face overwhelming marketing?

Ya' got me.

What? You thought I had answers? Heck no, I'm just glad this is only the third season of chocolate.

I do have a bowl of Valentine color themed M&M's. AND, my Mom said that holiday candy has no calories. Always mind your Mom.


This entry is part of the AW February Blogchain. You'll find all of their blogs listed below. All of them are worth the mouse clicks.

One quick "shout out": Harriet the Spy? Will you be my Valentine? You're the first one to echo my own feelings about balance. Being out of balance motivates me. Out of balance doesn't mean life on the edge, just life on the move.


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Marianne said...

Hi Williebee. I have chocolate all the time, no matter what day of the year it is. I guess you could say I have balance in that respect, huh? By spreading it out, haha!

Marianne said...

Sorry, me commenting again - I just sent you a PM about going next in the blog chain but don't know if you'll see this first or that one first :) Thanks!

auria cortes said...


I also like the concept of out of balance equaling life on the move.

As for chocolate, I gave it up months ago. Last night, however, I had a dream that I went to Hershey Park. Subconsciously, I must miss my chocolate.

Polenth said...

Yay for chocolate! Though I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.

Harriet said...

I, too, like your phrasing of life out of balance as life on the move. I'd be proud to be your valentine!

Arachne Jericho said...

I like that---out of balance, means life is in motion, rather than just staying still and quiet-like.

colbymarshall said...

I like that, Williebee, because life is always in motion, isn't it? If it stood still how would we ever get ahead?

-Kelly M. said...

Your mom is a genius. Who knew I didn't have to feel guilty about those peanut butter and chocolate hearts?

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is always a part of balance. I can do without a swimsuit (not that I go round naked - I just avoid the pool entirely, which is so unAustralian of me) but I cannot and will not consider life without chocolate.

Williebee said...

Actually, I think chocolate is a very important part of being balanced, or at least "chocolate" or whatever feeds your soul. Balance of body and soul, and all that.

Anonymous said...

I like to think that the first piece of chocolate and the last piece of chocolate each day have no calories. Based on this theory, I get two free pieces of chocolate each day, and find that I don't need all the middle pieces that have calories!

It is my own silly way of having balance.

FreshHell said...

Hmm, thought I'd commented. I think chocolate is a splendid tool for balance. Perhaps if you have a set of scales you can determine how many peanut butter cups equal how many m&ms.