Friday, February 16, 2007

The third season of chocolate.

Any true chocoholic knows that chocolate is seasonal.

The best season is Easter, with Christmas and Valentine's Day in the place and show positions.

First off, Easter is guilt free chocolate. If you're a Christian you have an entire holiday telling you that someone already paid the bill. Eat until you croak. Heaven awaits. And if you're not a Christian, then gluttony isn't a sin anyway. Dive in.

And besides, you get to go all "Ozzy" and bite the head off a rabbit.

Christmas is second because there is a larger variety of chocolaty goodness out there than there is on V-Day. But let's face it, biting the head off of Santa is just asking for it.

Valentines Day has to come in third. Sure, there's an abundance of chocolate, but there's also an over-abundance of those sneaky cream filled buggers. Who decided this was a good idea? And, if you didn't get chocolate from someone else, you have that "I'm standing in line, buying my own freaking valentine." thing going on.

They don't even have a chocolate Cupid to go after. Santa must have warned him or something....


CruiserMel said...

"If you're a Christian you have an entire holiday telling you that someone already paid the bill."

You just might be going to Hell on that one, dude.

On another note: I did not receive chocolate from anyone, nor did I go for the 50% off chocs, either. Now the tostada chips....

mist1 said...

I looked for more sale chocolates today. I was able to make it out of the store without any more chocolate.

Williebee said...

mel- I'm already slated to drive the bus.

mist -- did you "eat and run"?

Dezdmona said...

I am totally hooked on the cherry filled Hershey Kisses.

I can't decide whether I should hug the devil who created those bite sized morsels of decadence, or slug them.

However, I'm rationing the little guys.

I'll be Jonesing for these things in a few months.

Darlene said...

I think fruit cream filled chocolates should be outlawed. And I'm Catholic, so I've given up chocolate covered almonds, macadamia nuts & caramels for lent. I'm ready to take a kid down for chocolate right now.