Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just how whipped am I?

Actually, not so much. (And probably not as much as I'd like to be, but that's a different conversation.)

I would, however, probably like to blame what will be on my TV during the Super Bowl on being a humble house hubby. (It's kind of like a house elf, without the black sock. Like Dobby's uncle, the one they don't talk about.)

What's going to be on has "Bowl" in it. Does that count?

Puppy Bowl III -- From the Animal Planet. You can learn more about it here if you aren't already familiar with this odd phenomena of cult cuteness.

Actually, I just don't have any interest in football this year. I haven't watched a game all year. And, comes the Super Bowl, I'm more interested in the commercials and the halftime show. And, we can catch those online.

Apparently our house isn't alone, though. If you want to believe this Wikipedia entry, the Puppy Bowl was the most watched show on cable opposite the Super Bowl last year, some 5 million viewers.

Which means that, although it's not mentioned in the Wiki article, right now there are some people placing bets on which dog will "win". Heck, there's probably a line available on which dog will poop first and draw the first flag.

Is any one else disturbed that I know that a dog pooping is why a flag is thrown?

God.... I am SO whipped....

Wonder if I can get a dime down on the dachsund?


lostmymind said...

I am a big puppy bowl fan, so I gotta ask:

Why does watching puppies on TV make you whipped?

Personally, I would rather watch the cute puppies scamper about than big sweaty guys trying to injure each other.
Does the fact that the game will probably end up on the TV at my house indicate that I, too, am "whipped"? Gee - I hope not, this type of "whipped" doesn't sound nearly as fun as the other versions of the word. (But, I guess that is a matter of personal preference....)

CruiserMel said...

Willie - I just (luckily) read about this phenomenon today. (via lostmymind's blog) I've got it turned on right now. Matter of fact, I'm recording it so I can watch on days I need a good laugh. This is hysterical! I don't know why I didn't know about this before now!