Sunday, February 04, 2007

Vote with your, ummm feet?

According to Salon Magazine here in the states, and the Metro site in the UK, women's mannequins are getting bustier. According to one of the articles, with quotes from a mannequin maker guy named Wang (insert your cheap shot here), the mannequins are intended to reflect the increasing number of women who have had breast implants surgery. Haven't met a lot of women who volunteered for the DDDD implants, but hey, I don't get out much.

Oh, and by the way, the FDA just recently re-approved silicone for breast implants. No indication that anyone bothered to make them safer than the ones that killed and maimed so many women in years past.

Now, I've always been a big fan of breasts. Never wanted to own a set of my own, you understand, just a big fan... (as a teenager I had a dream of being a connoisseur, don't you know? ba-da-bump-bump)

But, I've never really been a fan of enhancement for enhancement's sake. (Never agreed with the idea of toupee's either.)

Breast enhancement always struck me as a "dummies for Dummies"" kind of an idea.

And ain't it funny how karma works? Now I have a daughter. Once when she was twelve, and we were in the mall? It took everything I had, and the restraining glare of Darling Bride, not to go medieval on a couple of young turks that I caught ogling her.

Fortunately, the Golden Child has always been smarter, and usually saner, than me. God, how I hope she stays that way.

Last thought on the subject comes from David Wilcox, from his song, "Boob Job":

"You know, silicone is permanent
Even after you have passed
When the rest of you has faded
In some box under some stone
Yeah you'll still have your silly cones....
Balanced on your bones.

Boob job, good god, treat her like a man-made thing?

OK, I lied. The thought after the last thought:

In the Salon article the company founder said that she looked at doing "enhanced" male mannequins. But not enough people were interested.

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