Sunday, February 18, 2007

We are a weird species.

This weekend more than a quarter million people have driven to Daytona, Florida. Spectators have arrived from all over the world, travelling in tens of thousands of vehicles: by car, by jet, by ship and boat and train, in order to watch 43 cars drive 500 miles in a circle, just as fast as they can go.

Several thousand folks more are involved in maintaining, supporting or reporting on, those 43 cars (44 if you count the pace car) and untold numbers of tow, media and other support vehicles.

And what do you figure? Somewhere along the drive there and/or back, 1 in 3?, 2 in 3?, WILL bitch about the price of gas?

We are a weird species.

BTW, average price of a gallon of gas in the United States today? $2.27


mist1 said...

I live in the South. I cannot comment on NASCAR issues. All I am permitted to do is yell "woo hoo" or "gitterdone."

CruiserMel said...

Easy now. You may know 1 or 2 Nascar fans. Maybe just one. Just sayin.

And I never bitch about gas prices. I mean, that might be like kickin' myself in the @ss.

Dezdmona said...

Don't go bitchin' about NASCAR...

As Mel said, you may know a couple of them thar phans...

...and those guys don't use gas.

They use Rocket Fuel. LOL

Yeee Haw.

Great-Great said...

You happen to have an Uncle that is a Rabid Nascar fan--Watch it boy! Wonder if rocket fuel has shy rocketed too?