Saturday, January 20, 2007

Could I offer you something from our venial cellar?


Cable channels in the St. Louis area are running an ad for a company called alternatives insurance. Let me say up front, I don't know these folks from anywhere, never met any of them to my knowledge, never done business with them. So, this is NOT meant as an endorsement, and is NOT meant as a denigration. OK? I did go to the website to make sure I read this right on the ad. (By the way, they are a Drive insurance agent, if you care.)

But the website is "". (and no, I'm not putting in the "click-through", that would be too much like an endorsement. You want to check my spelling? Type it for yourself.)

Now, it might have been the mood I was in; Might have been the wine. But if the true value of people like insurance agents, CPA's, lawyers, and professional companions is in their attention to the details?

I'm hesitant about a company that offers their services as
agents of "alternative sins."

"Perhaps, rather than jumping straight to murder, sir, we could offer you something in the line of public humiliation or financial ruin? After all, you could always move up to the mortal sins if you are not satisfied.... say, gluttony? Let someone else kill the poor bastard. You can just eat him. True, it's still a mortal sin, but at least you'll be well fed."

By the way? Regarding the "non-mortal" sins?
Proverbs says that even the "just man falls seven times a day." I'm pretty sure this piece pushes me into some time in August, 2012.

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mist1 said...

I get seven a day? Maybe I can start going back to church afterall. I hope they still serve wine.