Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who the heck is this ad actually for?


Here we go again.

There's a Nexium ad running during the news that shows some middle-aged guy and his kids. He says his kids call him "the finisher". (ignoring the obvious Bush jokes here.)

The ad shows him running around the house talking to the kids, "finish your homework, finish your vegetables", yada yada.... and then talks about how he has all this heartburn.

Know what's not in the ad? Mom. No wife, no girlfriend, (or boyfriend for that matter). Not even pictures of a "late wife". Just Mister strong, caring, capable Dad... a role model for men everywhere.

Near the end of the ad there's a line of text that says "See our ad in Ladies Home Journal."


I gotta go find this ad. Whatcha want to bet Mr. Strong and Capable isn't front and center in that one...?

And yes, I am watching too damn much TV again.

Quick side note ... If DB (my Darling Bride) were reading this? Right about now she'd be dancing in circles chanting "Told ya women aren't responsible for the stress."


CruiserMel said...

LOL I hate pharmaceutical ads. All of them. The only funny ones are the ones with the guy smiling ear to ear cuz he can get it up and is the envy of the neighborhood. What they don't show is that Wifey is in the bathroom rubbing salve on her hoo-hoo. Life ain't pretty.

mist1 said...

I am always encouraging the men I know to get on drugs. I think the ad is aimed at women like me.

Williebee said...

MEL - Funny think about that Ad. You see how terrified ol' Bob's wife looks? I want to see the scene a few moments AFTER the ad. A camera scan around the house where we see that same expression of terror on their son, the family dog, the neighbor's cat....

MIST-- Any drugs in particular? Partial to Flinstones vitamins myself, washed down with tequila, of course.

CruiserMel said...

You are sooooo right about all the peripherals....(did I spell that right ((been drinking and it's like 3:00)) ?) Whatevs. Family dog and neighbor's cat - Okay - I'm going to sell my Pfizer stock Monday. You're right.

WTF am I doing online at 3:00 (or 3:26 am?) Nighty night. See ya. Are you coming to Chi-town next weekend?

Dezdmona said...

LOL...what a paradox. In my house it's the woman chasing the kid (and the husband) around telling them to finish stuff (and getting heartburn).

But I love drug ads (unlike CruiserMel), I think they are a source of endless humor...especially when mixed with alcohol. LOL