Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I don't do politics. But I DO do stupid. Oh.. wait....

See, here's the thing. Is the President right? Is he wrong?

I'm not qualified to say.

But does it seem stupid to anyone else to:

1) Give the world your speech BEFORE you make it, AND still expect people to pay attention to you when you read it to them?

2) Not only tell the people you are at war with Yes, we're sending more people with guns; and then tell them, THIS is how many of them we're sending, but to also announce THIS is when we're sending them. (cnn/usatoday)

AND OH BY THE WAY--- Are we in fact, at war, or just still field testing for the military industrial complex?

Rant over... Soap Box put away. Thanks


CruiserMel said...

LOL. Can't resist. You doo-doo stupid? Can a person doo-doo smart? Sassy? Sarcastic?

Williebee said...

Yeah, doo - doo ing smart doesn't usually involve laundry. Geez I can't believe I'm responding to this. How old are we again???? :)

CruiserMel said...

Hee hee. Good one. Touche'.